Adventure Adam Guided Boat Tours




Escape the ordinary

Join us on an adventure boat tour at the island of Koh Rong and explore some of the 23 beaches, wild natural jungle, mangroves, reefs and traditional villages.

A highlight for most of our customers is to swim with the glowing plankton – on Koh Rong we have stars in the water and in the sky.


Depending on the time of year and conditions, activities include a variation of:


    • Beach visits


    • Swimming


    • Reef Snorkeling


    • Fishing


    • Waterfalls


    • Mangroves


    • Basic jungle walks


    • Local village visits


    • Sunset viewing and swimming with the glowing plankton






Included in the tour


Drinks on board
Includes some free beers (soft drinks for children)
Free Cambodian whiskey with mixers for all to share
Free water refills all day.

Feel free to bring any of your own favourite drinks as well – we have a big cooler on board!

Food & Snacks
Fresh fruits and snacks,
big BBQ lunch with meat and vegetarian options,
fish/seafood, rice and soups.

During the tour you will also have the chance to try and buy some of the local drinks,
foods and snacks in the villages we visit – a true taste of Cambodia.

We provide mask and snorkel, fishing gear, music, cool storage for drinks, beach/water toys, life jackets and first aid.

Years of experience and knowledge

Our guides are trained for 2-3 months before taking a solo boat tour with guests so we can offer the best support, knowledge, safety and information throughout the day about the islands, their beaches and marine life, the jungles and mangroves, the people, the culture and much, much more. We also offer full support and training with the use of all snorkel and fishing equipment.

Our staff on board are not just there to watch your safety – but also to answer your questions and help you with your needs.


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