Frequently Asked Questions

Contacts and finding us

You can locate the Adventure Adam team at the Monkey Island Resort.

This is a 5 minute walk from the main piers on Koh Touch beach (also known as Tui
Beach or Koh Toch).
As we live on a developing island we can often experience communication problems and delays
with internet and also telephones without any warning or notice so if you do not receive a
response from our team then please try an alternate contact method or visit us at our location.

Methods of contact
Phone: +855(0)10354002



Cancellations and refunds – Terms and Conditions

Deposits for PUBLIC tours are NON-REFUNDABLE if a guest or group for any reasons cancels or does not attend on
the day of the tour. If a payment was made in full we will offer a part refund for the difference but
the deposit will be forfeited by the customers. A confirmed cancellation with the Adventure Adam
team at least 1 day before the tour will allow us to offer a full refund to the customers for public tours. Deposits
for PRIVATE bookings are NON-REFUNDABLE unless a cancellation is confirmed with us a
minimum of 48 hours prior to the booking accept otherwise agreed by a member of the Adventure
Adam management.

Booking and payment procedure

We are happy to accept preliminary reservations by email, messenger, online or by phone but to secure your booking. For the PUBLIC tours please make a deposit or payment at least 1 day before the tour. You can visit us at Monkey Island Resort (Koh Touch, Koh Rong) to make CASH ONLY payments and also to receive more information
about the tours and the islands you have come to visit. For private bookings please contact us to agree a payment date (normal minimum of 2 days before tour date).

ATM / Cash / Credit Cards

On the islands we do not have proper ATM facilities yet,
however there are some private businesses running systems of cash advance using a credit card or
a passport, both of which incur a 10% commission fee. Also most businesses here do not accept
card payments so we advise that you ensure you have the cash you need for your stay and make
use of guest house/resort safe and lock box facilities for extra security.

Weather conditions and predictions

One weather site or report is never enough
for accurate prediction around our islands so we use pattern recognition and look at mulitple
weather and marine forecast websites multiple times a day to ensure we have the most accurate
and up to date predictions, however mother nature can change things in a flash! We continue to
operate in rain conditions as long as we predict that it will not be raining heavy all day and the
wind and other factors allow for safe operation. If WE cancel on the morning of the tour, public
tour guests will be offered a full refund but this decision is made only by Adventure Adam and our
guides so. Guests must contact us or attend as agreed when the booking was made.

Tour-meeting / Start and finish location

For our PUBLIC tours the start
and finish location is Adventure Camp on Koh Touch Beach (also known as Tui Beach). We are
sometimes able to offer pick up or drop off free of charge to nearby beaches but this cannot be
guaranteed due to many unpredictable and uncontrollable reasons such as weather and water
conditions. If we do offer pick up, again it does NOT mean we can guarantee a drop off – it may
require an additional taxi boat fee to return to your beach after our tour so it is for these reasons

we ask guests to ensure they make the relevant back up arrangements and also contact us on the
morning of the tour to check that a pick up is still possible. Speak to our team for any further
assistance or other bookings. For PRIVATE bookings, locations for pick up and drop off can be
arranged during the initial quotation and itinerary stage of the booking with one of our team
members. With both public and private tours these conditions are subject to last minute changes
based on weather and water conditions.

Alternate boat pickup locations

For PRIVATE bookings please arrange this
directly with our team. For the PUBLIC tours our alternate pick up locations are dependent on the
time of the year and which direction the tour must take.

– 4K or 4KM Beach (also called Long Set Beach) – Public tour arrival time 9.15 – 9.45am on
the main pier (Reef On The Beach) but again for unpredictable reasons this may be as late as

LONG BEACH – Private bookings only but contact us if you would like for us to arrange a
taxi boat service to pick you up or drop you off. Prices vary depending on time of day and time
of year and can range from $25-50.

NATURE BEACH – Private bookings or additional taxi boat arrangement for public tour
customers. You can also check with your guesthouse or resort for other transfer options that
may be available. Prices range from $20-35.

COCONUT BEACH – Private bookings or additional taxi boat arrangement for public tour
customers. You can also check with your guesthouse or resort for other transfer options that
may be available. Prices range from $25-45

PALM BEACH – Private bookings or additional taxi boat arrangement for public tour
customers. You can also check with your guesthouse or resort for other transfer options that
may be available. Prices range from $35-55.

LONELY BEACH – We are sometimes able to offer a pick up or drop off to lonely beach on
our tour boats but this is dependent on the boat capacity and conditions of the day/time. Speak
to our team for more details.

Ferry and taxi boat transfer(Other beaches and Islands):

If you are staying on
another beach or island and wish to catch a transfer ferry or taxi boat to join one of our tours then
please understand that we cannot accept any responsibility for delays or cancellations of the other
boats and companies. Guests in the past have missed out on our tours and also lose their deposits
because they are relying on the prompt service of another boat company. Around here we advise
that you always allow extra time for travel due to unpredictable delays and changes and please
understand that although we are here to help, we advise of possible issues and complications
beyond our prediction or control. With no proper road systems yet, everything relies on boats still.

Equipment and things to bring

Think about the location you are traveling too but
also think about the season, environment and weather conditions. Be prepared and you will enjoy
your experiences more. If you are traveling in rainy season it really is worth investing in a
lightweight waterproof rain coat and if you are doing such tours as island and river tours, boat
trips or treks, always take 1 or 2 extra tops or t-shirts so you can change into dry clothing or even
wear one on top of the other for extra warmth and protection. We also hire and sell other items
such as dry bags to help protect your belongings.

Boat trips and water activities

Ladies need to bring a top or t-shirt or shawl to
COVER their chest and shoulders when in the local cultural villages, we advise all guests to
bring with them at least 2 change of top or t-shirt, rain coat, dry bag, a towel, sun screen, flip
flops or lightweight sandals and some small money if you might like to try some of local
products in the villages we visit.

Trekking & Overnight Tours

If you plan to do trekking consider bringing a pair
of closed footwear like trek shoes or trainers – doing unknown tracks, jungles and waterways
in sandals is not advisable. A day pack or trek pack, long trek pants and a long sleeve top for
protection from scratches, branches, rocks and mosquitos plus an extra 1 or 2 tops to change
into, mosquito spray, sun screen, towel, head torch or flashlight for late treks and overnight


Getting around the islands

The current available maps of Koh Rong all indicate
roads around our islands but it is important for visitors to understand that these are tracks and
roadway clearances that are NOT proper sealed roads. They consist of dirt, mud, gravel, rocks and
sand. During the dry weathers the main tracks/roads are usable but still require caution for motos
and are NOT recommended for inexperienced riders however in the rainy low season months
these roadways can be difficult, dangerous and even unusable so check the conditions before
undertaking journeys over land. Boats are still the main and easiest way to access beaches and
other locations around our islands so consider where you are staying and how

Motos, motorbikes and roads around the island

On the current maps of Koh Rong and
Koh Rong Sanloem they show what appears to be roads around the islands however this is not the
case. Most of these are big dirt tracks and clearances through the jungles ready in place to build
road ways in the very near future, beaches with deep soft sand and rocky rubble. These are NOT
sealed proper roads. In low season, these tracks becomes extremely wet and muddy and are
dangerous to inexperienced riders (and even to experienced riders) so we advise visitors to Koh
Rong to speak to our team about the current “road” conditions before renting bikes or doing long
walks. With the right equipment and expectations these things can be great fun but caution is

Medical assistance & info

Our team have basic emergency, resucitation and first aid
training and always carry first aid supplies on our tours. Most of our tours require the guest to
have a basic level of physical fitness and ability and they are designed to suit most people but
often require guests to get in and out of the water and on/off local style boats so please notify us of
any injuries, illness, issues or restrictions that may be relevant to the tour or the environments we
are in. It is the full responsibility of the customer or guest participating in any and all tours and
activities around our islands and no liability will be accepted by the operators, agents and
companies offering the tours and activities.
At the moment Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem have 1 or 2 pharmacies with trained medical
staff and sometimes access to a local nurse or doctor so there is normally basic assistance
available on the islands however there is no hospital or proper medical facility on the islands so in
cases of emergency the nearest located hospital is Sihanoukville and would likely require a PAID
boat transfer. Be prepared when traveling to new and developing locations and bring your own
required prescription medicines or supplies. Our pharmacies are very well stocked but may not
have some of the more specialized prescriptions.
Because of our islands tropical climate and tropical warm waters we advise all guests to look after
new and open wounds and infections more strictly. Injuries and infections often require a different
treatment method to what we would do in other countries and if not treated regularly can become
bigger very quickly. Don’t be lazy and keep things clean and treated – no problem! There is NO
optician on our islands yet so the nearest would be in Sihanoukville.

Fire hazards

On the main tourist beaches and in many areas camp fires are NOT permitted.
Many of the businesses are wooden buildings and some of them have dry grass roofing which is
highly flammable so visitors are please asked to be cautious with all open flames. All island
visitors are asked please DO NOT smoke in rooms and bungalows, please DO NOT use candles
and fire lanterns. FIREWORKS are also not allowed without prior permissions and authorization
from local authorities.


There is already a major problem with littering and pollution here in
Cambodia so we at Adventure Adam would like to ask you to help us reduce the problem. Around
the various bars you are able to buy water refils for 50c so you can reuse your water bottles and
also save money! Please try to reduce your use of plastic and reuse cups, ask for no plastic straw
in your drink – some bars are offering washable bamboo straws as an alternate, maybe not take
that 1 item in a plastic bag if it is not needed, invest in 1 of the islands initiatives by buying your
own reusable cup. There are many ways visitors can help our islands so we ask for your
consciousness and kindness.

On the main tourist beaches there are often local events and activities to help charities, schooling,
conservation and awareness, beach cleaning and much more so why not ask for details and get

Other activities

Adventure Adam offers a wide variety of activities and tours but we
also have other friends offering options around the island so why not ask us for more details.
Other Adeventure Adam and friends options include: SCUBA Diving, Guided Snorkeling (or
equipment hire), Guided Kayak Tours (or equipment hire), Stand Up Paddle Board, Hobbie Cat
Hire (or guided), Windsurf Hire (and lessons), Rope Park and Zipline Course, Jungle Trekking,
Overnight Experiences Camping and Local Villages, Fishing, Private Speed Boat Tours and more.