Adventure Camp

Welcome to Adventure Camp, the home of Adventure Adam. Located a bit outside the busy Koh Touich beach- and bar-area you will find our base. Everywhere you look you will find beautiful pictures, paintings and driftwood. Everything that’s hanging off the roof is collected from the beach and turned into decoration, giving the bar its own unique pirate style. In front of the bar (close to the water) is a big hangout area with a firepit to chill. All of the staff is accommodated in Adventure Camp and we do most of the training here. There are always a lot of animals, local kids and Khmer staff around. It’s also the meeting point for all the activities and tours and our fish’n’trips delicious seafood dinners are held here.

If you are looking for a funky bar to hangout, play games, plan your next adventure or just try our specialities such as the home made punch or infused rum come to see us at Adventure Camp for a drink and chat.

We are holding warm-up parties for the famous police beach party ever wednesday and saturday. If you are on the island on friday don’t miss out on our funky HIP HOP Friday party with open mic and jam session. Always fresh, always dope.


Koh Touch Village
Koh Rong, Kaoh Kong, Cambodia


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